Rethink Wedding Attire

In every crowd there are those who blend, and there are those who stand out. Weddings are no exception. These two caught my eye as they looked out across Lake Ontario from the balcony of the RCYC.

Can we talk about her outfit?! It’s a beautiful, refreshing look for a summer wedding. The skirt, the bag, the shoes! LOVE.

After stalking watching them for a few minutes, I figured I’d better ask for a proper portrait.

A Bride, a Sugarbush and a Shiny Red Fire Engine

There’s something about a shiny red fire engine that brings out the child in all of us. Incorporate it into your September sugarbush wedding – along with requisite firefighting groom – and this photographer right here gets downright giddy.

Miranda and Wayne crafted a wedding day that was so, well, them, you couldn’t help but feel warm and fuzzy the whole day long.

From ‘breakfast for two’ (a simple bottle of maple syrup and pancake mix for each guest – yes, that’s right) to charming handmade signs strategically placed around the 40 acre sugarbush, to the vintage 1920s pumper truck, this wedding overflowed with personality.

Can we talk about the groom’s wedding band made with a ring of actual maple wood – à la love’s sugarbush? Or the light fixture handcrafted by the bride out of an old wheel drum and beautiful crystals she’d lovingly saved from her grandmother’s own chandalier?

I could go on and on but will suggest you look at these instead. Enjoy!

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