The Stork Didn’t Bring Me – I Arrived By Bike

Thanks to Stella’s dad for coining that line.

Not only did Stella arrive by bike, she was so anxious to meet her mom and dad that she surprised them and arrived one month ahead of schedule.

Many of you know that I am mom to two very active boys, so it was a treat for me to spend some time with pretty things… like ruffles on a dress… the colour pink… and daintiness in general. I’d love to show photos of Stella’s gorgeous nursery, but given that mom Emilija has a design blog, I’d better leave that to her.

Here are a few more of sweet little Stella, who – thanks again to dad – just happens to be an early Starbucks addict.

Maternity Photos “Just Not Your Thing”?

When I was expecting my first child five years ago I actually felt the same way. It wasn’t until after I had my son that I realized I had missed an opportunity to capture a really special time.

Not to get all sappy here, but it’s really pretty impressive how our bodies transform to bring another human into this world. It’s kind of a beautiful thing.

(Note: that beautiful transformation is also responsible for my current hatred of swimwear… But that’s another story altogether).

Not all maternity photos need to be a) cheesy; b) show skin; or c) displayed on your living room wall for all to see. They can be tailored to you and your partner’s unique style.

Like this:

Or these:

Time to think differently about maternity photos?