The Stork Didn’t Bring Me – I Arrived By Bike

Thanks to Stella’s dad for coining that line.

Not only did Stella arrive by bike, she was so anxious to meet her mom and dad that she surprised them and arrived one month ahead of schedule.

Many of you know that I am mom to two very active boys, so it was a treat for me to spend some time with pretty things… like ruffles on a dress… the colour pink… and daintiness in general. I’d love to show photos of Stella’s gorgeous nursery, but given that mom Emilija has a design blog, I’d better leave that to her.

Here are a few more of sweet little Stella, who – thanks again to dad – just happens to be an early Starbucks addict.

Knowing Our Limits

For the first time in my photography business, I’ve had to turn down two portrait sessions in a row.

I don’t share this to complain about being busy – we’ve all heard that discussion before and I don’t want to go there. Instead, I share it from the perspective of acknowledging my limits and understanding when to draw the line – if only to preserve my sanity. (And I keep telling myself it’s a good problem to have.)

I knew the holidays would be a busy time for family portraits – for obvious reasons – but I was somewhat unprepared for the influx of requests in November.

And as someone who strives to please everyone, it pains me to have to turn people away. I mean, aren’t we entrepreneurial types supposed to work like dogs to prove our worth? Possibly… but in my case, I’m smart enough to remember my priorities in that I have a truly great 8 to 5 as well.

Happily, I was able to say “yes” to these angels:

Little Renee has the best head of hair I’ve ever seen on a 10 month old.

I’ve been photographing Alivia since she was in her mama’s tummy:

And quite possibly – no, definitely – Nicholas is the smiliest little man I’ve ever met:

I’m blessed that these families have invited me into their lives to capture such a special moment in time. And if it required a couple of “no’s” to make it happen, then that’s okay by me.