Get Over Yourself

These words just about leapt off the page as I was reading the premier issue of Click, a magazine “for the modern photograp[her]”. It was an article about the importance of us MWAC (moms with a camera) to actually get in the frame with our children. For the sake of our children.

99% of the time my clients are other moms who reach out to me because they understand how important it is to document these early days with their children. And I spend a lot of my time helping them capture these days, but perhaps neglecting to heed my own advice.

So here I am on a Friday night deciding to take on a small project. Starting tomorrow, I am going to get in the picture with my children. From the mundane (yes, there will be mundane) to the chaotic (definitely lots of that) to the delightful, I am determined to spend one month documenting the everyday with my children. I’ll post them here weekly for anyone interested in following along.

And back to that headline… “get over yourself”, it’s meant to say that our children will not care in 30, 40, 50 years if we weren’t wearing any makeup or our hair or clothing is not just so. Most of us MWAC will say we prefer being behind the lens. But let’s not make that an excuse. Our kids will just be happy to have a record of how much their mommy loved them.

So be forewarned. I’ll be in the frame, but it might not be pretty.

Update: just as I embarked on this small project, my littlest man became ill and four weeks later is now finally on the mend. Thanks to all for the warm thoughts and best wishes. Stay tuned for the few “get-over-yourself” shots I managed to take in the past few weeks. M