Ti Amo

It started with a dance. Their first dance.

Or was it the first time they danced?

Her hand on his arm, his arm around her waist.

Ti Amo. A song which would ignite the spark of passion in a new connection.

A song which would one day become a, more official, first dance.

Ti Amo. I love you.

Italian. English.

Janet & Natale (Taly) were married on a hot summer day. Thankfully, Toronto Island can be breezy and helped mitigate the 30+ degree temps. The hospitality of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club didn’t hurt either.

The boardwalk between Lake Ontario and the RCYC is lined with the Union Jack and Canadian flags and seemed an appropriate spot for their first look – she being British and he Italian, uniting in Canada’s largest city. Toronto’s skyline was to play an important role and wherever possible, the skyline was to be our backdrop.

I love the look on Taly’s face when he sees Janet for the first time. Ti Amo.

The ceremony was held under a huge willow tree along the Island shortline. The breeze once again helping to relieve the heat of the day.

And the dance that brought them together in the beginning is the dance that unites them in front of family and friends. Ti Amo.

The rest of the wedding was a continued celebration in contrasts: British and Italian, reserved and exuberant, and by the end of the night, the marriage of two families was complete.

I love this final shot of Janet and Taly surrounded by a few of their loved ones. Ti Amo.

And Toronto, we love you too.

Venue: Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto Island

Coordination: Melissa Andre Events

Makeup: Melissa Andre

Cake: Dufflet

Flowers: Cool, Green & Shady

DJ: Maximum Music

Day 9 – Someone I Love

Surprise, surprise, I’m not picturing my four-year-old here as my “someone I love”. I thought that was a bit predictable, so instead, I picture the husband. After all, he was around looong before the 4yo.

Why do I love this guy so much? (Despite the fact that he’ll think this is way uncool…) Here goes:

1) He’s an awesome dad.

2) He’s one of the smartest and talented people I know. 

3) He feeds me – seriously, I don’t cook when he’s around. Plus, he knows how to make the perfect cup of tea.

4) He likes hanging with me.

5) He’s silly and makes me laugh.

30-Day Photography Challenge (Flickr Group)