two worlds collide

17th of February. Seems appropriate that I’m penning this on the one-year anniversary of my last post. And to me that means one thing. 2013 was a year unlike many others. This statement pretty much sums it up:

career passion

{Image via Pinterest, Original Source Unknown}

It’s true. It feels great. And it’s something I’m not sure I could honestly say prior to 2013.

While my blogging took a bit of a backseat last year, it appears that my photography work did not. Here are some of my favourites…   


Behind the scenes with sweet Sofia. I love this shot. The chandelier, dining table, and white fur made this feel so opulent.

Dave Karly

Dave + Karly e-session in g’town.


Philippe’s little brother, Sebastien.

jordan clare

Clare’s big sister, Jordan, has the most incredible hair. Those curls!

chantelle brent

Toronto Distillery District.

mich and millie

Rest in peace, Millie. xo


Two worlds collide, part one.




Two worlds collide, part two.


Stella, with her ice-blue eyes.

lauras girls

Daughter. Mother. Love.

carrie matt boat

Carrie + Matt. Bronte Harbour, Oakville.

chantelle brent first look

Chantelle + Brent. First look. (Be adventurous – give it a try!)

christina madeleine


ian andrea

Ian + Andrea. Before the storm. A wedding that is begging to be blogged.


Karly’s girls. I love the varying shades of purple.

sofia catia

Sofia, after she warmed up.


Outtake: Boys = Fast


These guys were troopers. It was so cold by the water!


Toronto Ice Storm. The only time in 2013 when I used my real camera just for fun. The rest of the fun happened over here.

While I Wait, Day Nine

If there’s one thing that’s going to happen when this baby decides to make an appearance it’s this: it’ll either come out looking like a cupcake, or at the very least, crying for one. See, thanks to Simply Sweet Cupcakes, I’ve been sampling creative cupcake recipes for the duration of my pregnancy. (Confession: few weeks have gone by where I’ve gone cupcake-free.)

Which is why I was so thrilled with the surprise visit from the simply sweet Andrea this past weekend. She knew I’d been suffering from cupcake withdrawl since I finished work at the office and was quick to satisfy my addiction, ahem, craving, with a personal delivery.

And speaking of good eats, that very same day, my dear friend and neighbour, Rojean, dropped off the most delicious dinner of mango chicken, cob corn and rice. This wise woman knows that the best way to help out a family during the crazy times is with a delicious home-cooked meal. I mean seriously, does it get any better than this?

To top it off, my mum is staying with us for a few days to pitch in with things until the smallest Haurilak arrives – and for this, the husband and I are both thankful. She’s the type of mum who pretty much dives in with both feet – helping with laundry, cooking and 4yo T. I really don’t know what we’d do without her.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. And my family and friends… well, they know just how to keep this (very) pregnant girl smiling.

Winter Wrap-Up

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that the long, cold, snowy winter days have gone by the wayside for another year. Like everyone else, I’m uplifted by rainboots instead of snowboots, longer days and beautiful bursts of sunshine. Now that spring officially kicked in today, here’s a quick wrap-up on what’s been making me snaphappy during the last few bristling months…

Bring on spring!

Thursday Mornings

I met Jess over three years ago in the basement of St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto. It was a Thursday morning. We were both waiting for the elevator, and as brand new moms, we looked utterly exhausted and bewildered (at least that was how I was feeling).

Recognizing the look in each other’s eyes, one of us must have asked, “Do you know where we’re supposed to be?” This would be the first of many Thursday morning coffee chats, playdates and guilt-free commiserating sessions.

When Jess told me her little guy’s name was Hank, I liked her immediately. I mean really, how couldn’t I?! Jess has a great sense of humour, she and her little man were always the adventurous pair in our moms group and she’s generally a cup’s-half-full kind of gal.

Sadly, our Thursday morning meetups lasted only until we all started trickling back to work, but this past weekend I was thrilled when Jess and I hooked up to take some shots of her now four-piece family. Hank’s little brother is just about the cutest thing ever and can look forward to having a very. cool. big. brother.

Our shoot began shortly after sunrise near Sunnyside Beach on Lake Ontario. Below are some of my faves.

Thanks so much Jess for inviting me to capture this special time in your life. So… what are you doing next Thursday morning?


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