Thinking About Eyes

mom and alister

My mother had a corneal transplant this week. A procedure where doctors removed the diseased cornea in my mom’s eye and replaced it with the healthy cornea of a recently deceased individual. The significance of this surgery didn’t hit me until the morning she left and I looked into her eyes to wish her well on the way to the hospital.

A week ago, my mom had “60/40” vision mainly as a result of a condition called Fuchs’ Dystrophyand now, a few days after the surgery, she’s seeing the world in a whole new light. While clarity and vision will take some time to appear, she can already see a new depth of colour – reds are vibrant, blues saturated. To think that another person has given her the gift of vision is a little mind-blowing to say the least.

Naturally, this momentous occasion has me thinking about eyes.

Their beauty.

Their functionality.

Their vulnerability.

So people: take care of yours!

(And remember to fill out that organ donation card that comes with your drivers licence. The difference it could make to someone else’s life is, well, perfectly clear.)