Perfectly Imperfect

Dear Alister,

By the time this post goes live, you will have been in this world for exactly 365 days.

The fastest 365 days of my life.

Had I blinked I may have missed each one of them. 

You – my angel – amaze, delight and fascinate me to no end. I hope you continue to smile easily, put that fearless demeanor to good use, and love life as much as you do at this moment in time.

Happy first birthday baby. Mommy loves you.

Amidst the whirlwind of the past year I’d often take mental notes about how I wanted to document Alister’s first year of life. I had visions of using my *fancy* camera to capture this moment in time in the most beautiful of ways: perfectly exposed frames… dreamy images highlighting the minute details… only my very best shots allowed on my blog posting…

Being a photographer, friends often remark about how I must have the most gorgeous photographs of my children; as if it’s one perfectly styled photoshoot around here 24/7. But when you look at the collage above, it’s pretty obvious that I reserved my fancy camera for my clients.

While the iPhone camera is pretty sweet and no doubt convenient, I’ve had to accept the fact that some of my memories are a little blurry. A touch over or under exposed. Not exactly representative of a professional.

But then again, maybe I have it all wrong. Perhaps these photographs really do represent my idea of the very best in life.

They’re perfectly imperfect. And that’s okay with me.

Channel Your Inner Spidey

A wise woman once said, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

I couldn’t agree more.

You know, there’s something to be said for looking inward and taking happiness and fulfilment into your own hands. For me, it’s my photography; for my lovely friend Andrea at Simply Sweet Cupcakes, it’s creating custom-designed, tiny, baked treats.

For the past few months I’ve been lucky enough to taste-test a new recipe each week. One week it’s chocolate salted caramel, then it’s chocolate chip cannoli,¬†then it’s lemon coconut, then it’s chocolate with strawberry buttercream… Is your mouth watering yet?

So, looking to surprise my little man on his 4th birthday (ack! how is that possible?) I knew exactly where to turn. First off, I knew Andrea would put her magical touch on a design sure to impress; and, I gotta admit that I simply don’t have time to make them myself.

Check out these web-spinning spiderman treats:

She even made a bite-sized version for the parentals. (Who is she kidding?! Gimme a BIG one!):

I think spidey himself would be impressed. Don’t you?