two worlds collide

17th of February. Seems appropriate that I’m penning this on the one-year anniversary of my last post. And to me that means one thing. 2013 was a year unlike many others. This statement pretty much sums it up:

career passion

{Image via Pinterest, Original Source Unknown}

It’s true. It feels great. And it’s something I’m not sure I could honestly say prior to 2013.

While my blogging took a bit of a backseat last year, it appears that my photography work did not. Here are some of my favourites…   


Behind the scenes with sweet Sofia. I love this shot. The chandelier, dining table, and white fur made this feel so opulent.

Dave Karly

Dave + Karly e-session in g’town.


Philippe’s little brother, Sebastien.

jordan clare

Clare’s big sister, Jordan, has the most incredible hair. Those curls!

chantelle brent

Toronto Distillery District.

mich and millie

Rest in peace, Millie. xo


Two worlds collide, part one.




Two worlds collide, part two.


Stella, with her ice-blue eyes.

lauras girls

Daughter. Mother. Love.

carrie matt boat

Carrie + Matt. Bronte Harbour, Oakville.

chantelle brent first look

Chantelle + Brent. First look. (Be adventurous – give it a try!)

christina madeleine


ian andrea

Ian + Andrea. Before the storm. A wedding that is begging to be blogged.


Karly’s girls. I love the varying shades of purple.

sofia catia

Sofia, after she warmed up.


Outtake: Boys = Fast


These guys were troopers. It was so cold by the water!


Toronto Ice Storm. The only time in 2013 when I used my real camera just for fun. The rest of the fun happened over here.

Perfectly Imperfect

Dear Alister,

By the time this post goes live, you will have been in this world for exactly 365 days.

The fastest 365 days of my life.

Had I blinked I may have missed each one of them. 

You – my angel – amaze, delight and fascinate me to no end. I hope you continue to smile easily, put that fearless demeanor to good use, and love life as much as you do at this moment in time.

Happy first birthday baby. Mommy loves you.

Amidst the whirlwind of the past year I’d often take mental notes about how I wanted to document Alister’s first year of life. I had visions of using my *fancy* camera to capture this moment in time in the most beautiful of ways: perfectly exposed frames… dreamy images highlighting the minute details… only my very best shots allowed on my blog posting…

Being a photographer, friends often remark about how I must have the most gorgeous photographs of my children; as if it’s one perfectly styled photoshoot around here 24/7. But when you look at the collage above, it’s pretty obvious that I reserved my fancy camera for my clients.

While the iPhone camera is pretty sweet and no doubt convenient, I’ve had to accept the fact that some of my memories are a little blurry. A touch over or under exposed. Not exactly representative of a professional.

But then again, maybe I have it all wrong. Perhaps these photographs really do represent my idea of the very best in life.

They’re perfectly imperfect. And that’s okay with me.

The Stork Didn’t Bring Me – I Arrived By Bike

Thanks to Stella’s dad for coining that line.

Not only did Stella arrive by bike, she was so anxious to meet her mom and dad that she surprised them and arrived one month ahead of schedule.

Many of you know that I am mom to two very active boys, so it was a treat for me to spend some time with pretty things… like ruffles on a dress… the colour pink… and daintiness in general. I’d love to show photos of Stella’s gorgeous nursery, but given that mom Emilija has a design blog, I’d better leave that to her.

Here are a few more of sweet little Stella, who – thanks again to dad – just happens to be an early Starbucks addict.