Girl Power

I’m outnumbered in my house. Not greatly, but I am outnumbered. As a married mom of two boys I’m more typically surrounded by cars, superheros, and hockey equipment than I am by girly things like ribbons, bows, and the colour pink. Or little black tutus.

So every now and then this mom craves a little girl power. Playing dress up. Doing hair. Having tea parties. The things I remember doing as a little girl. (Who am I kidding? I still do this stuff!) Lucky for me, I have many friends who are moms to girls who also don’t mind loaning out their kids for an afternoon in front of my camera.

Add to this that I recently came into a vintage piece of furniture: a pink velvet armchair that was once my grandmother’s. The velvet is worn in the usual spots. The pink faded. The seat not so cushy anymore. I knew I needed to photograph my little girlfriends with the chair. (I remember my grandmother being so proud of this pink chair and I wonder what she’d think of it sitting outside in a field somewhere. Sorry Grandma!)

Thanks for the fun afternoon little chickitas!

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