Urban Suburban

It’s a decision many of us face at some point. And as a homeowner in the city of Toronto, the exploding real estate market, and worsening commutes, it’s a pretty regular discussion topic over here at Casa Haurilak.

Urban or suburban? Ditch the city and opt for a larger home in the burbs? Or stick it out with a smaller home and enjoy all that the city has to offer? Heck, there’s even a TV show devoted to the dilemma many families face.

Heather and Neil made the bittersweet decision to leave Toronto and head west.

But before packing up, they asked me to capture their two small boys in what will soon be their former childhood home and neighbourhood.

The old stomping grounds.

The place they’ll drive by as adults to show their own children one day. (Admit it, we’ve all done it.)

So off we went on an afternoon of adventure with four-year-old Nolan leading the way.

One thought on “Urban Suburban

  1. Wow – such a fantastic concept for a shoot. I LOVE the trike shots, and the expression on Nolan’s face in the first photo perfectly captures “the dilemma” (awesome backdrop too!).

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