Damn you, Instagram

Because of you, I don’t blog anymore.

@shessnaphappy Instagram

Well, that’s only partially true. There are other factors at hand. Like the fact that I haven’t ever regularly blogged. And the fact that I’ve always been more for pictures than words. And this little big thing called maternity leave. And, and, and.

Truth be told, Instagram is the perfect solution for this busy mama with a camera. Sharing instant one-liner photographic updates with a liked-minded community is the bees knees to me.

This nifty little app also has me thinking about photography in a whole new way. I’m constantly looking for a different take on the seemingly mundane things in life, and it also gives me the perfect forum to document the blissfully chaotic world around me.

Life Is Simple

So while there’s no replacing the real deal (I still have a pretty strong obsession with my 5D), I’m okay with the dust collection around here. For the time being.

In the meantime, let’s be pals on Instagram. Come say hello @shessnaphappy.

One thought on “Damn you, Instagram

  1. I hear you!! I was happily blogging away and then I got an iPhone. Hipstamatic and Instagram got in the way and now they are my guilty pleasures. Your photos are still stunning and congrats on the safe arrival of number 2 (I discovered your blog after the June photo challenge last year when number 2 was just about to make an appearance!). Kitty B

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