Round-Up: 30-Day Photography Challenge

I’ve always thought about doing a “365” or 52-week photo challenge but that’s as far as it’s gone. My biggest issues have been – a) how am I ever going to find something new to shoot every single day? and b) how the heck will I ever stay motivated to keep going?

So, when the 30-Day Photography Challenge came around – topics handily predetermined by White Peach Photography – I figured this was a great way to test out my commitment before jumping in with both feet.

The 30 days project was loads of fun; shooting random subjects that someone else had already selected forced me to look at everyday objects in a new and interesting way. And that’s a very good thing for any photographer.

Thanks to all who rallied behind me on this. I can honestly say that you were my motivation – I’m so glad you enjoyed the series!!

xo M

One thought on “Round-Up: 30-Day Photography Challenge

  1. We thoroughly enjoy all your beautiful and creative pics, Michelle ! You are truly very talented.

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