Day 17 – Technology

When we think of technology these days I’d wager a guess that the first thing to come to mind is probably our iPhones, BBs or laptops. That’s my first instinct anyways.

And sure, in the modern sense of the word, that’s definitely true. But instead of posting a photo of my MacBook Pro, I wanted to go a little further back. Okay, over a hundred years back…

There’s a little old-fashioned hardware store located not far from me in the Junction, and when I was last there I noticed they had this huge, antique – and still working I might add – computing weight scale. I didn’t have my camera with me on that trip, but when I was thinking about today’s topic, it came to mind and I stopped by.

Here’s a nice reminder… Technology is defined as: the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society and the environment, drawing upon such subject as industrial arts, engineering, applied science and pure science.

It may be weird for me to say this, but how could something so practical and ‘technical’ seem to beautiful to me?

30-Day Photography Challenge (Flickr Group)

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