Day 16 – Long Exposure

Bustling barista in the local Starbucks tonight. Exposure: 1/8 sec @ f/8.0

The way I see it, long exposure is used:

1) in really low light situations when you need to keep the shutter open longer to let in as much light as possible. (Nothing to show for this one folks ’cause my camera had long been packed up by the time the sun went down tonight.)

2) to show movement in an image.

3) to create blur for some artistic purpose – intentional or not.

I was attempting to get a shot of T spinning on this blue playground thingy and ended up keeping the shot because of the ghost-like figure of the girl on the right. Exposure: 1/5 sec @ f/22

Something about the colours and the way they look almost feather-like on the contrasting white background made me keep this one. It’s my “it-didn’t-work-out-so-I’ll-call-it-artistic-shot”. Argonaut Rowing Club, Toronto. Exposure: 1/4 sec @ f/22

30-Day Photography Challenge (Flickr Group)

One thought on “Day 16 – Long Exposure

  1. I’ve just been enjoying browsing through your photos – they’re really lovely. I’m doing the photo challenge too and struggled with the long exposure but your pictures have inspired me to give it another go one day. Keep up your beautiful work! Kitty B

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