Channel Your Inner Spidey

A wise woman once said, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

I couldn’t agree more.

You know, there’s something to be said for looking inward and taking happiness and fulfilment into your own hands. For me, it’s my photography; for my lovely friend Andrea at Simply Sweet Cupcakes, it’s creating custom-designed, tiny, baked treats.

For the past few months I’ve been lucky enough to taste-test a new recipe each week. One week it’s chocolate salted caramel, then it’s chocolate chip cannoli, then it’s lemon coconut, then it’s chocolate with strawberry buttercream… Is your mouth watering yet?

So, looking to surprise my little man on his 4th birthday (ack! how is that possible?) I knew exactly where to turn. First off, I knew Andrea would put her magical touch on a design sure to impress; and, I gotta admit that I simply don’t have time to make them myself.

Check out these web-spinning spiderman treats:

She even made a bite-sized version for the parentals. (Who is she kidding?! Gimme a BIG one!):

I think spidey himself would be impressed. Don’t you?

One thought on “Channel Your Inner Spidey

  1. Thanks so much Michelle. I’m glad you liked them – they were tons of fun to make! Even more fun is going to see Thomas’ reaction 🙂

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