Blue + Red for a Wedding? Yes, It Does Work

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but when a bride first shared that the colour scheme for her wedding would be light blue and red, I had my reservations. Somehow this colour combo just didn’t fit into what I perceived as a typical wedding palette.

I should know better.

Fast forward to the big day and I couldn’t be more excited about how it all came together. The bride handcrafted all the flowers, including her own bouquet, made of out of red and white origami.

Origami Bouquet

It was important to the bride that I capture a photograph with her and her niece just staring at each other.

I couldn’t get enough of the niece or the nephew. I mean really, just LOOK at these two…

Thank goodness for cool, cloudy days. The reception was held at the Waterfront Centre in Hamilton and the grey skyline made the perfect backdrop for the blue and red colour scheme.

The church is a really important part of the couple’s life together and after the reception, we returned to the place where it was made official to capture a few more intimate shots.

Congratulations Karen and Matthew – here’s to all that the future brings.

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