Knowing Our Limits

For the first time in my photography business, I’ve had to turn down two portrait sessions in a row.

I don’t share this to complain about being busy – we’ve all heard that discussion before and I don’t want to go there. Instead, I share it from the perspective of acknowledging my limits and understanding when to draw the line – if only to preserve my sanity. (And I keep telling myself it’s a good problem to have.)

I knew the holidays would be a busy time for family portraits – for obvious reasons – but I was somewhat unprepared for the influx of requests in November.

And as someone who strives to please everyone, it pains me to have to turn people away. I mean, aren’t we entrepreneurial types supposed to work like dogs to prove our worth? Possibly… but in my case, I’m smart enough to remember my priorities in that I have a truly great 8 to 5 as well.

Happily, I was able to say “yes” to these angels:

Little Renee has the best head of hair I’ve ever seen on a 10 month old.

I’ve been photographing Alivia since she was in her mama’s tummy:

And quite possibly – no, definitely – Nicholas is the smiliest little man I’ve ever met:

I’m blessed that these families have invited me into their lives to capture such a special moment in time. And if it required a couple of “no’s” to make it happen, then that’s okay by me.

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