Bright Stripes, Guelphites and a Bathroom Reno

Here’s a collective of what’s been going on in front of my lens the past couple of weeks.

First, the cutest little soon-to-be model I’ve ever met. I loved, loved, LOVED this colourful striped bench and thought it was perfect for the shot:

His mom wanted me to get up close for a few headshots with this chill hat, and he totally worked it for the camera…

Last Friday I wandered around the city of Guelph shooting portraits of a real estate agent. Her idea was to shoot at some of Guelph’s landmarks instead of in a studio. Here are a few:

I really liked this blue brick wall as a backdrop.

(Okay, so this next one’s just for fun but Guelphites should recognize the location.)

Something else my lens has been watching the past couple of weeks is my bathroom reno. I’m coping surprisingly well considering there’s about an inch of dust in my house and every time I come home there’s another hole in my wall. Here’s a before & after (or should I write “before & current”):

Next week I’ll do a full post on the reno with even more shots of the destruction.

Until then, happy (almost) Friday!

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