Spread the Net

A while back I got a chance to live one of my big girl dreams and play rockstar photographer for one night.

Seriously. Talk about working my dream job: music + photography = ec-sta-sy

What made it even sweeter? The fact that I was donating my time to an important cause. The show I was shooting was to benefit Spread the Net, a charitable organization that raises funds to purchase and distribute mosquito bed nets to children in Africa. For those of us in North America, mosquitoes are a mere nuisance; but to kids living in third-world countries, those little buggers can mean life or death.

Ian Thornley (of Thornley, the band) is a Spread the Net Ambassador and proceeds from the show at the Phoenix in Toronto benefited STN.  Dedicated fans crammed the Parlour Room for a VIP Photo Op with Ian and then hundreds more came to watch the band rock it in the iconic Main Room. (Being a 90s girl, some of my favourite moments were when they broke out the Big Wreck tunes – remember that song?)

Check out Spread the Net for more information and to find out how you, too, can get involved. Below are a few highlights from the night:

Spread the Net April 2009

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