Photographic Ramblings

So here’s the thing: I peeled the wrap off my shiny new website just over a week ago, complete with the requisite B-L-O-G, and I’ve already failed at my first attempt to establish some form of blogging routine. In writing this, a certain cartoon found last week on JJJJound comes to mind. (Makes me laugh.)

In an attempt to get on track with Blog Posting Number Two, here are some of my photographic ramblings from the past week:

The awesomely-talented Claudia Seabra asked me to shoot her gorgeous collection of custom-designed invitations. Here’s a few of my faves:

Lovely Cards by Claudia Seabra

Watch for Claudia’s shiny new site to be unveiled soon. (Psst, she’s the one who designed my logo.)

And, I can think of no worse place to experience a bad hair day than at a party full of hairstylists on a Saturday night. Despite this, shooting this 50th birthday party last week was a blast.  The guest-of-honour, Richard, was so kind and fun, I told the organizer that I wanted to have him as my friend. A few highlights:

Richard's 50th

As much as I’d love to, I don’t actually carry my full kit around with me everywhere I go. So *gasp* I’m adding a mobile phone pic to my post: a certain upside-down preschooler getting his teeth cleaned at the dentist. Hey, I think it’s pretty cute and it’s a moment I just had to capture.

That’s it for now – until next time, go out and shoot something. You know I will.


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